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Alert: If You Have BVN With Any Nigerian Bank This Message Is For You

You should take note of this message, it is a very important message for you. Do you know that there is no free data, there is no free credit and there is no free money in the country? You should take note of these, please.

As a Nigerian, if you don’t want scammers to scam you,

1. You should avoid clicking on random links on social media.

2. You should avoid awoof data links, none of the Nigerian network is sharing data.

3. Don’t fall victim, the federal government is not sharing money with random links. Always check the verified government website.

3. Your bank is not sharing free money.

You should be cautious and do not be unfortunate. Do not allow scammers to catch you, use your sense, please. Check samples of how fraudsters do below.


4. You should always ignore those random Links.

5. Before you forward any of those messages, stop and do proper verification.

6. Your BVN is a secret, please do not disclose it to anyone, do not input it random links.

What is BVN?

BVN means bank verification number. Central Bank of Nigeria implemented it to verify those who have a bank account and to reduce illegal transactions in the country.

BVN works by the recording of facial photography of a person and fingerprints.

Fraudsters are attempting to use the BVN to Phish for customers’ back details.

Note that BVN is your financial ID card, if you reveal it to anyone, they get access to your banking information and use for fraud.

Do you know with your BVN, scammers could get your phone number, account number, and some of your financial information? This is why when they have access to it, they will call you directly and tell you your date of birth. If someone calling you to send him OTP numbers, I beg you please do not send them. Protect your BVN.

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