[Album] Talk About Nazyr » The EP

Mai Sarauta, Has brought to you TALK ABOUT NAZYR Album which contains the very best lyrics of all time….

Listen and for sure you will TALK ABOUT NAZYR too


  1.  FIRST THING FT RAINOS                                  »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  2. HUSTLE FT VYBEZ                                               »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  3. BABBA                                                                    »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  4. MAI SARAUTA FT STARLUV                             »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  5. SABADA FT KHINGSOLEX                                »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  6. MY STORY FT XZIBIT-CONCEPTZ                   »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  7. KU_DAKATA                                                         »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  8. 123                                                                           »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  9. DOPE CAT                                                              »    DOWNLOAD MP3

  10. GO UP GO DOWN                                                 »    DOWNLOAD MP3


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