Album Review:- Big MJ Shines Through On ‘Flash Back EP’ But He Makes One Costly Mistake

It’s Big Mj’s first solo album , Having been a integral part of MJ Gang in the early 2017, the young kid has emerged into a veteran.

Now with Flash Back EP, what is he trying to tell us?

A legend in the industry.

The title track, Flash Back EP starts off as a slow, laid-back tune with muffled drums and plucked guitars.

It’s a reflection of Big Mj’s journey as he hums “They want to see me fail, so i fail them”.

The track serves as an exposition to the content of the album.

An average listener is amped up for stories about struggles, pains and possible happy moments.

There’s a switch as it’s back to the usual uptempo Rapper/Singer sounds Big MJ has been known for.

Haven’t heard it yet? Listen to it here

Final Thoughts

Big MJ exceptional vocal excellence shines through on FlASH BACK EP but the album could have been better with a perfect album title other than “Flash Back EP ”.

While Flash Back EP does key into the theme of  the industry, on the album, it doesn’t add up as Big MJ mostly sings about women.

While fans would have been expecting him to detail his struggles and pains in the industry as he laid us to believe in the title track.

Big MJ opts for ease, veering for a theme where he can sing comfortably – love and women, subjects he’s harped on at the beginning of his career to make a name (Kece a Raina)

We rate the album 7/10 ★★★★★☆☆

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